Her friends don’t call her “Rowdy” for nothing. Intelligent, introspective, and focused, private investigator Riley Reeves specializes in cases of at-risk girls that often lead her into dangerous waters. On the same day that a socialite couple hires Riley to protect their daughter Carmen from a mysterious stalker, Riley’s troubled alcoholic brother and last living relative, Chip, shows up on her doorstep fresh out of the state penitentiary.

Riley’s investigation soon uncovers that Carmen is deeply involved with a dangerous group of redneck gangsters, though their connection to the stalking remains unclear. Meanwhile, Chip is off the wagon and running wild, drumming up constant, imminent trouble that soon arrives at Riley’s doorstep.

As pressure ratchets up from all sides, personal and professional, will Riley be able to save the girl without neglecting her own loved ones at the time they need her most?

Posted by Michael Pool

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