I’m excited to reveal the cover for my new novel, Rose City, which will be released in March 2019 from Down and Out Books. Rose City is the second Teller County novel, and though it involves a few familiar faces from Texas Two-Step, it features an entirely new protagonist and entirely separate events. I hope you’re as excited to read it as I am to share it with you! Here’s a little about the book:


Michael Pool Rose CityWhen Cole Quick returns to his estranged hometown of Teller, Texas for his alcoholic father’s funeral, it doesn’t take long for old debts, both criminal and psychological, to drag him back into the underworld he fled thirteen years earlier.
Fresh off the death of his wife, a former local debutante who swore off her inheritance to skip town with him, Cole soon finds trouble from her family on the other side of the tracks as well.
To escape Teller County with his life intact he’ll have to solve an old friend’s murder, resist powerful forces conspiring to pillage his inheritance, and crack open the debutante town’s sterile outer shell to reveal the dark forces of racism, classism, and corruption operating just beneath the surface.

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