Author’s on the Air Host Pam Stack interviews Michael about Rose City:

Crime Fiction Lover reviews Texas Two-Step:

Pool is light on description, and he writes good dialog that is often quite funny. The banter between Kirkpatrick and the two police officers helping him – including an attractive, but fed up deputy who works for Sheriff Gables – contains a lot of good humour, and before the dance is done, they are going to need it.

Texas Two-Step

Unlawful Acts reviews Texas Two-Step:

 Texas Two-Step might not be the perfect novel, but damn it is better than most.

Texas Two-Step by Michael Pool

Kevin’s Corner reviews Texas Two-Step:

Texas Two-Step is an intense read that works on every level. Highly recommended.

Lone Star Lineup reviews Texas Two-Step:

To me it felt sort of like a mixture of Joe Lansdale, Ben Rehder and a Hank III song. .. Pool’s Texas game is strong.

Out of the Gutter reviews Texas Two-Step:

This book is a hell of a ride and will have you excited about, not only the ending of this book, but the future of Pool. He is poised to make some noise in the noir landscape. I am going all-in on Pool…

Randee Green reviews Texas Two-Step:

 At times it reminded me of Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey… The descriptions were very vivid, and Pool brought East Texas to life on the page.


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