New Alleys for Nothing Men features seven previously published stories along with five stories never before seen in print. Together, these eleven short stories and one novelette read like a handbook for the bent but not yet broken, humanizing even the darkest moments with laughter and tears.

A gripping collection from an emerging new voice on today’s noir fiction scene, New Alleys is sure to hit you right in the gut.

ISBN:  0996855211

Publication Date: February 19, 2016




You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll keep turning the pages, because one thing is for sure, Michael Pool can write. A gripping collection of tales about the broken, the bent and the down-and-out. Michael dishes up characters with depth, facing internal and external conflicts that will leave you wanting more. One of the best short story collections I’ve read.– Dietrich Kalteis, award-winning author of Ride the LightningThe Deadbeat Club and Triggerfish (coming June, 2016)

New Alleys For Nothing Men reads like a handbook for desperate people. Many of the characters in this compelling collection find themselves in dire straights after life-changing events. Pool’s knack for showing how people react when the chips are down is what brings these stories to life—each in its own dark way. This is a book about the moments that change us, and the moment to read it is now.
— S.W. Lauden, author of Bad Citizen Corporation and Crosswise

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