I’ve been making more of an effort to use this blog to share things that I love with my readers recently. Like a lot of you, I’ve found myself with more time on my hands than usual, and though I’ve been reading a ton, I’ve been filling the time in other ways, too.

Mostly riding my mountain and road bikes, doing quite a lot of Ginastica Natural, and attending what I’m calling “choir practice.”

I’ve also been trying to keep up with my favorite podcasts, normally a huge part of my life while out on surveillance, which has been a much smaller part of my life, recently.

I feel it’s important for artists and creatives to share the things they love with like minded people. That kind of “word-of-mouth” support can be crucial to non-corporate entertainers who are trying to make their bones in corporate-controlled markets. The following constitute my three favorite true crime podcasts, which I think you’ll probably enjoy too!

The Wanted Podcast

The Wanted PodcastThe Wanted Podcast provides a weekly unabashed look into the humanity, absurdity, and chronic irresponsibility involved in bond recovery. Fellow private investigators and hosts Alex and John, co-owners of Fenrir Recovery in Georgia, use this podcast as a weekly forum to discuss past cases, which never cease to be entertaining.

What I love about the podcast and about their mode of operation is the compassion they demonstrate for the bond jumpers they recover. They suspend judgment, stay calm, and almost always get their man or woman. Expect lively banter, occasional rants from John (my favorite part), and a lot of Alex herding the discussion back on task.

John’s preferred mode of defense also matches my own, that being using jiu-jitsu to subdue resistant and violent subjects as peacefully as possible. All of these elements help to make this one of my favorite true crime podcasts. These guys deserve a much larger audience, so click over and subscribe. You’ll also want to check out their various fascinating Instagram pages here:

JOHN @unique_skillset | ALEX @w.asp | PODCAST @wantedpodcast.

Dark Topic

Dark Topic Recently rebooted after some time away, Dark Topic has been one of my favorite podcasts for years. Host Jack Luna has the best voice in podcasting, the writing is fantastic, and the presentation is onyx dark.

I enjoy Jack’s musings on the world and the occasional stories from his past as much as I do the true crime incidents he narrates. Simply put, I think it has the most original writing and production value on the entire market, and I never miss an episode.

I even have a “quoooteee” t-shirt that I sport at least once a week. It’s an absolute must for true crime fans looking for something that breaks the mold of hosts drinking IPAs and wine while feeling themselves perhaps a bit too much for comfort. The kind of authenticity Luna brings to podcasting is not often found in any creative medium. Noir fiction fans in particular will find a kindred soul and new favorite listen.

The Score

The ScoreCrime fiction fans will instantly recognize the voice of Joe Loya, convicted bank robber turned crime writer. Season One of The Score tells Joe’s story, from tragically abused young boy, to maniacal bank robber, to solitary confined prisoner clawing his way to enlightenment through writing.

There were moments in this season that made me highly emotional. It often felt so personal I almost cannot describe the feeling well. A broad reminder that many who are lost are not beyond redemption, and that our mistakes do not have to define where we end up. I loved this season. I’m wondering how season two could possibly find material as compelling. I suppose we will see, soon enough.

Throwing Off Sparks

Look, you knew I was going to have to plug my own work in here somewhere. I’m not a huge fan of self promotion. But in the world of “indy publishing,” it’s something I’ve learned to accept is a part of life. Check out how I capture the realism from my own private investigative work in a thrilling East Texas-set mystery series. Throwing Off Sparks stars private investigator Riley Reeves, the baddest female detective you haven’t yet met.

Like with much of my writing, this book is about much more than the mystery it follows. It’s about a detective struggling to find balance and stumbling amid the pull between personal and professional life, while doing her best to protect vulnerable women from inevitable victimization. I’m proud of the novel, it just came out this week (May 12, 2020), and I’m hard at work on book two in the series. You can purchase your own copy HERE.

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