Just be cool…

pulp_be_cool_by_hopwoodsI feel like I need to take a moment to say something that rings true in my life right now.  It’s actually pretty indicative of the internal struggle I’ve been having  with myself a lot lately in the face of  an ignorant and unfair world.

I want to preface this by saying that I’m guilty of everything I’m about to bring up.  I have no right to preach to anyone, nor any desire to do so. But the last couple days on social media have reminded me of a lesson I keep forgetting to learn. A lesson that I think everyone I’ve ever met could use a dose of as well.

That lesson is this: Just be cool to other people. Life is short. There are lots of really bad things that happen throughout it. Things we don’t have an answer for. Things that are so unfair and outrageous it can be hard to sleep at night. Things that make it hard to speak without freaking the fuck out.  But just be cool. Don’t add to the carnage with your own stress and anger.

If you consider yourself a good person, a kind and decent person, then just be that. Just treat other people with respect and be kind to them. Don’t get caught up on whether they deserve it. You don’t have to agree with them.  You don’t even have to support the decisions they make or the things they believe.

But just be cool. Show people some love. Hell, show yourself some love in the process.  Do it because that’s who you are, not because of who they are.

People don’t change because you beat them into submission. They change because they see the value of  creating additional peace in their lives. Often this happens when they see peace in the lives around them. It happens when people handle them graciously in moments that they, themselves, can’t seem to find any grace within.

So be cool. I’m the worst at this. I’m an emotional mess a lot of the time. I’ve said and done things that absolutely disgust me. I’ve done them so often that I don’t believe I could ever be justified in judging anyone for anything ever again.

I want to be better than that.  So why mislead anyone? All I want is for people to be happy and get along and have a good life. So why not start with me?

If I want to add good to the world I can think of no better way to do it than to just be cool.  That’s it, that’s all I’ve got. Be cool. Peace.

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